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Nameform Media

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Joy, Charity, Love and Happiness Shared with Others

"I am very excited to be in the world of Digital Art and NFT's. I have a real joy to do this, with the special intention of making others happy through the charity projects I have been carrying at least from 2014, through and only from own contribution, for people in needs and for animals also, abbandoned and not only.

Thank you for your appreciation and support."

                                         Andrei Neboisa, founder of Nameform Media                                                        .                  & Nameform NFT's Gallery

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Fata Necunoscuta de Autor Necunoscut

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  • Detalii tehnice sculptura reala

    Dimensiuni: Lungime: 42cm, Latime: 25 cm, Inaltime: 30 cm     Material: Piatra                                                                              Tehnica: Sculptura in piatra                                                              Datare: aproximativ anii '30, secolul XX.                                              Oras provenienta: IASI, Romania  🇹🇩                                              Autor: necunoscut

  • NOTA: soclul este creat recent de un artist roman


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