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"I am very excited to be in the world of Digital Art and NFT's. I have a real joy to do this, with the special intention of making others happy through the charity projects I have been carrying at least since 2014, through and only from own contribution, for people in needs and for animals also, abbandoned and not only.

Thank you for your appreciation and support."

                                         Andrei Neboisa, founder of Nameform Media                                                        .                  & Nameform NFT's Gallery

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The Memorial House-Museum of the Gratest Modernist Sculptor

Brancusi House Museum.jpeg

real painting VS digital creation 

Brancusi House Museum.jpeg

  • Technical details about the real painting

    Dimmentions: 500 x 400mm

    Artist: Teodore-Adrian Negoita (from Strehaia, Mehedinti County - ROMANIA 🇹🇩)

    Painting technique: Oil on Canvas

    Year: 2019

    Signature of the artist: Yes, on the back

  • Technical details about the digital art

    Dimmentions: 500 x 400 ratio in 200.000 "pixels"( 1 x 1mm px)

    Creator: Nameform Media Team - ROMANIA 🇹🇩

    Execution: Digital Pixel Art

    Year of execution: January - March 2022, in more than 200 hours of pasionate work

    Collection: Memorial Houses - Museum of Nameform NFT's Gallery

constantin brancusi memorial house
Memorial House Museul of Constantin Brancusi


Are 1.0 US Dollar /per Pixel - So, 200.000 $ for 200.000 pixel worked one by one in more than 200 hours of real work, with joy and pasion. (about 8 ETH).


SO, BUY and ENJOY IT ON NFT Marketplece HERE 


NOTE: You are sure that investing in this wonderful NFT, if you do it to resell it, will bring you a huge profit, and if you do it to collect it, it will bring you joy every time you see it or when you remember it. he

  • The Story of the real and digital representations of the Memorial House-Museum of The Greatest Modernist Sculptoor Constantin Brâncuși I Hobița - Gorj - Oltenia - ROMÂNIA 🇹🇩

The Great Constantin Brâncuși, does not need any presentation, everyone knows, without a hint, that he is the greatest modernist sculptor in the world to sell a $ 57 million a art piece in New York, and I don't think that's a record.

This work of art, after we do the digital art is dated from 2019 and is a representation from the perspective of the romanian artist, Teodore-Adrian Negoita, a representation after the real Museum-House.


The house still exists in Hobita village, Peștișani commune, Gorj county. It is classified as a historical monument, with LMI code GJ-IV-m-B-09494, under the name of "Constantin Brâncuși" House-Museum. 

See the whole presentation of the Brancusi House-Museum, from Wikipedia: here

It is a monument of popular architecture from the end of the 19th century and was restored in 1971, when the museum was founded. The museum's collection includes photographs, albums, documents, books, letters that reflect moments from the life and activity of Constantin Brâncuși. It features original peasant interior furniture from the early 20th century


And more than all this together, it is the House of the great Brâncuși, a representation after it, which I think the artist also likes and admires from above where he is now.


N.B.: The memorial house is located on the land where the sculptor was born and raised, but it is not the real house where Brâncuși was born. It is about 100 meters below the memorial house.


The memorial house is located on the land where the sculptor was born and raised, but it is not the real house where Brâncuși was born. It is about 100 meters below the memorial house.

To honor the memory of the great sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, a construction will be organized with the support of CSCA on the site of the former birthplace - household, typical of the area and general lines close in style to Brâncuși house, which will include the house and outbuildings - cellar, bed scales, fencing, etc. - as well as the interior objects - being constituted as a branch of the Gorj County Museum. For this purpose, until July 15, 1970, the County Committee for Culture and Art will find and purchase a house in the village of Hobita, contemporary and close in style to Brâncuși's birthplace, as well as the outbuildings, which will be moved and rebuilt in the yard. parents, in place of the old house.


Explanatory memorandum with the following content:

In order to arrange the place where Constantin Brîncuși, a world-famous sculptor, was born in Peștișani commune, his native village Hobita, the Committee for Culture and Art of Gorj County purchased a wooden house from the resident Calistrat Blendea from this village. This house built of oak wood with architectural features specific to the region, executed by skilled craftsmen, with notches on pillars and doors, which bear very close resemblances to the parental home of the great artist as the natives say. The house is to be demolished, transported to the respective place and rebuilt, fully preserving its original shape and appearance.


The ruins of the real house exist, as I said 100 meters away from the House Museum and for more details see the Wikipedia article:ă_Constantin_Brâncuși#Adevărata_casă_a_lui_Brâncuși



Thank you for your appreciation,

Andrei Neboisa, Passionate Marketing & Specialist @Nameform Media

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